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  1. Kevin frazier

    Want to Buy R3T Quick Release Windshield (complete) and Aux Light Bar

    Youre now answering your self and replying in bold, i wish i had your dads number to check on you;) oh the boulevard is fixing to go on and soon. Time to lightem up a tad nervous as the widowmaker does angry stuff now when cable pulled tight:sneaky:
  2. Kevin frazier

    clunky drive at low speed

    Twist it guys, keep it up around red line and im pretty sure they wont clunk
  3. Kevin frazier

    ECM and stuff (sorta) explained.....

    Cant woop my rocket :p:thumbsup:
  4. Kevin frazier

    GOC (@grumpyolecodger)

    Omg ready for bed and one last check and boom LWC strikes big lmao
  5. Kevin frazier

    GOC (@grumpyolecodger)

    My man, awesom. keep it up bud. And easy on the juicy steak lol, such great news. Dont let up GOC
  6. Kevin frazier

    Rear suspension

    And a good guy also.
  7. Kevin frazier

    ECM and stuff (sorta) explained.....

    Is this where setting timing will be ?
  8. Kevin frazier

    New guy, dyno tuner.

    Cool stuff, how bout the timing. anxiously awaiting. how heavy is the wheel on your dyno just curious.
  9. Kevin frazier

    TuneEcu Maps Explained

    be blessed brother
  10. Kevin frazier


    Haha, but oh Rob did do real good.
  11. Kevin frazier


    17.36 is correct i said wrong sorry can you redo math:thumbsdown:
  12. Kevin frazier


    The bike performed flawless all day. We never let up, just once lightning strikes in little rock Arkansas pull over for a milk shake and watched the fireworks. My brother is gonna posthumously recieve a saddle sore patch I couldn’t be happier.
  13. Kevin frazier


    Oh yeah 1109 miles in 16 hours.
  14. Kevin frazier


    Pushing on
  15. Kevin frazier


    Ride or die, oh well gotta ride and look for clear skys so far no let up
  16. Kevin frazier


    Thanks man
  17. Kevin frazier

    Oh - just some more helmet controversy.

    Heat stroke death, i feel ya and the helmet doesn’t have to melt like @ boog says
  18. Kevin frazier

    Bike won't start after Resource ECU map installed - Solved

    Great tune for about that settup
  19. Kevin frazier

    GOC (@grumpyolecodger)

    Im thinking of some new tins u like
  20. Kevin frazier

    Optimal Tire Pressure

    So its 106 outside tires show 44psi but at 3am at 75 it will be 42psi and im heavy 1240lbs so i set max as tire calls for 42, empty i like 38 and 38, at track i drop rear to 28 and front to 42
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