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  1. Mark Johnson

    Rocket III Badges

  2. Mark Johnson

    Want to Buy Classic R3 Handlebar

    I'm looking to buy handlebars for a '07 and up Rocket 3 Classic. My Roadster bars are too wide for my Alligator arms! I will trade or buy, please PM me with pic details and cost. Thank you!
  3. Mark Johnson

    Want to Buy 2016 Rocket Roadster Mudguard mount covers.

    Looking for a pair of mudguard covers in black in excellent to very good condition. PM me please at Imfasterthanu.
  4. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson's 2011 Rocket Roadster!

    First ride with my Paul Bryant slip on muffler
  5. Mark Johnson

    UK Rocket Roadster vs. USA Rocket Roadster comparison

    Can anyone tell me what the stock UK Rocket III Roadsters horsepower and torque is vs. the USA version? I would like facts if anyone has them. I hear stories of how the U.S. version is so detuned and choked down from the homeland version. Or can you point me to a thread that already addresses...
  6. Mark Johnson

    Want to Buy Used Carpenter pipe

    ISO a good used Carpenter header. The straight tube only please, chrome or raw stainless. Message or email me picture and cost please.
  7. Mark Johnson

    Hello from Dresher PA!

    I finally joined the Rocketeers club. I hope I don't regret it.
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