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  1. Tbone

    Jack-b-quick-4 left

    Hi all, I have a Jack-b-quick plate on my Roadster and it makes lifting the bike a breeze with a regular motorcycle jack. I just ordered another one for 08 model and Bob said he has 4 left if anyone is interested. I'm not sure of the link to his site but I ordered mine off eBay.
  2. Tbone

    For Sale Roadster or Classic windshield

    Excellent condition. Like new, $300 plus shipping.
  3. Tbone

    Sturgis 2020

    Anyyone heading to Sturgis? I'm leaving Sunday morning from North Carolina heading toward Yellowstone and then back to Sturgis. Will be in Sturgis on Friday for the week.
  4. Tbone

    For Sale Carpenter 240 kit Rocket for sale

    Team Power Center in Janesville, Wisconsin has shut the doors and they still have a 2008 240 horse Carpenter for sale. I was able to send a message thru FB messenger and inquired if bike was still available and it is for $10,000. It's a beautiful bike and I'm sure they would send pics if anyone...
  5. Tbone

    New knob thingy’s (Suspension Upgrade)

    Got some new knob thingy’s on top of my forks today and me likey so far
  6. Tbone

    Wheel Swap question

    Can you swap a 2017 Roadster rear wheel with a 2008 Classic?
  7. Tbone

    Long distance seat recommendation

    Leaving NC in August and heading to Yellowstone then to Sturgis so just curious what seat any of you guys would recommend for long distance riding.
  8. Tbone

    New addition to the family

    My wife got a new bike. Bonneville Bobber Black. She loves it and it is just right for her. This is her 3rd Triumph.
  9. Tbone


    Was flipping through the channels last night and ended up on Discovery on demand and found the movie "Hogslayer". It's a really cool movie about TC Christenson's twin engined nitro burning top fuel Norton that used to kick all the Harley's a*** and even beat Russ Collins triple engine Honda...
  10. Tbone

    Whirring noise

    So recently my Roadster started making a whirring noise occasionally when I am moving and pull in clutch. I have heard it when coasting to a stop and have also heard it while changing gears. Once the bike slows or engine speed lowers it stops and there seems to be no mechanical issue at this...
  11. Tbone

    Western NC and Tennessee peeps

    Anybody from western NC or Tenn. familiar with Wheeler's Performance Bike Shop north of Robbinsville on US 129 near Deal's Gap? Apparently he does dyno tuning with Tune ECU, Tuneboy, PC, etc.
  12. Tbone

    Excedra Max and ABS

    I recently put on a new Excedra Max 240-55-16 on the rear and have been experiencing ABS activating too frequently. A couple times I would be coming in hot and it kicked in when I should have been able to slow under normal braking and things got a little hairy. Also was using front and rear...
  13. Tbone


    Hey guys I am friends with some of you on face book I have been hacked and can not recover my account so if ya get some crazy s##t it aint me
  14. Tbone

    Anybody heard of SPAAN products (backrests and such) ?

    Anybody heard of SPAAN products? They make backrests etc., saw them on ebay. If so, what is the quality?
  15. Tbone

    New R3 Production Model

  16. Tbone

    Fork Seals

    Where are you guys buying replacement fork seals from? Got some Progressive springs and 7 weight coming so thought I might change the seals as well.
  17. Tbone

    Carpenter 240 dyno question

    Asking for a friend(the little one that looks like a devil and sits on my shoulder). What is a realistic HP number from a Carpenter 240 kit with Carp exhaust? I'm hearing varying numbers.
  18. Tbone

    Goodbye Gixxer

    Had a kid on a Gixxer thinking he wanted some of the Rocket but he found out real quick that he did not. He was behind me blipping the throttle and the light turned green and I let him go, He went around me in full tuck then I took off and went around him like he was sitting still. Got to the...
  19. Tbone

    2020 Rocket Exhaust

    @Paul Bryant, what is your take on the new Rocket III exhaust? I'm sure it will be restrictive to pass Euro5 but man those pipes look short.
  20. Tbone

    New Years Day Ride

    It got up to around 65 degrees on New Years Day here in NC and I joined up with some of the H-D riders for a ride and every time we stopped some of the guys who had rode with me before were talking about how fast my bike was and other exploits they witnessed while riding with me but all I could...
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