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  1. where is my foot peg?

    i tend to do a lot of hard cornering, and in turn scrape those little "bank angle pegs" off prety fast at 8 bucks a pop thats getting spendy anyone got a cheaper alternative? at 16 bucks a month somethings got to change.
  2. What tank?

    ok due to an event i dont like bringing up much i need to do something with my fuel tank, amongs other items im looking repairing it or replaceing i have an 07 jetblack i found an 05 jetblack for about the same price as paint materials. keep in mind im buying quality mats not the cheep bottom...
  3. oem headlight off switch

    so i recently read that the triumph logo that looks like a button on the right hand grip is a headlight off switch if the bike isnot a usa build. how would someone go about getting one of those switches so as to install an accesory and make it look stock or poss a hiden switch? just a thought
  4. no chrome exhuast

    OK iv seen it, whats the best way to black out an exhaust, i think i like that direction. haven't read anything about it in the forums, also what is a preferred way to black out other metal parts that are not subject the heat the exhaust is?
  5. keyless securety

    Iv been digging through some threads and haven't found one yet that presents this. it would be an alternative to the ignition relocation, and just nice to have. this is a keyless security system, though it is for a Honda the system looks...
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