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  1. Ziggiesden

    Just to say Hello from Accrington UK

    Welcome from Scotland again - I take it she's called Purple Rain?
  2. Ziggiesden

    Howdy from Kentucky

    Welcome from Scotland.
  3. Ziggiesden

    Don't do this (another kickstand)

    Ouch! In every sense of the word!
  4. Ziggiesden

    Hey there-

    Hello from Scotland.
  5. Ziggiesden

    Hi from nz

    Hello from Scotland. Lucky you - mine won't be available until June!
  6. Ziggiesden

    Hi from nz

    Yeah, seen quite a bit of that on YouTube - looks like fun!
  7. Ziggiesden


    Hello, I've just bit the bullet and ordered a Limited Edition Rocket 3 R Black that should arrive sometime in June, from the Triumph Dealers as it's a nice run back up from Newcastle to the Scottish Borders, where I live, via the A696/A68 & Northumberland National Park. I've an old Kawasaki...
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