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  1. wjb

    Want to Buy Wtb 09 or newer touring model

  2. wjb

    Hello from Canada!

    Hello and welcome from California
  3. wjb

    Hello from the high plains desert

    Welcome from California
  4. wjb

    Tool Deal Heads Up

    You can't tell me it's better than this one. The power source has a LIFETIME guarantee!
  5. wjb

    New to the group..

    Welcome aboard from California
  6. wjb

    Hello from California

  7. wjb

    Hi From England.

    Welcome from a fellow Rocketeer from California
  8. wjb

    Hello from California

    Welcome to the forum. I live a little south from you. So do you commute from Oakland to San Francisco? I used to make deliveries to SF 3 times a week, crazy traffic! The pedestrians are off the hook there!
  9. wjb


    Welcome to the forum from California
  10. wjb


    Welcome from California
  11. wjb


    Welcome from California
  12. wjb

    Hello, R3 owners, Newbie here.

    Welcome to the forum. Love the red!
  13. wjb

    New Rocker owner in Colorado

    Welcome from California
  14. wjb

    Hi from nz

    Hello and welcome from California
  15. wjb

    New rocket 3 roadster owner

    Welcome from California
  16. wjb

    I should be shunned by the entire Rocket community....

    My dad used to say that was "getting your mouth up to full speed before you had your brain in gear." Yeah, I heard that one a lot! :)
  17. wjb

    Hello from Boise Idaho!

    Congrats on the new GT and welcome to the forum
  18. wjb

    I should be shunned by the entire Rocket community....

    Hey, no problem britman, we know life gets in the way sometimes. Now ride that monster!
  19. wjb

    Adjusting gear shift pedale?

    This is a heim joint. loosen the jam nut, thread the post in or out to adjust the height of the shifter. Then tighten the jam nut. The pic may differ from yours slightly.
  20. wjb

    Hi from Basingstoke

    Welcome, I'm sure we'll like having your experience here.
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