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LMS Exhaust tune and PCV map for touring 2021-05-05

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I have attached both my Tune ECU map and PCV map for my Rocket III Touring model for others as I couldn’t get a decent working combo with exhaust from what is already on the site. The tune ecu map was built from the stock or slip on derestricting map on this site and then tweaked a bit.

Ramair, PCV, tune ecu flashed map. For use as a pair of maps only with a touring model with ramair installed and LMS 3 into 1 exhaust.

produces a very nice 145hp at the wheel, range is about 220kms/tank in city and about 260-280km/tank highway. Using 98 RON fuel. Dyno built and verified, see attached dyno printout…

there is zero decel popping or leaning out throughout the entire rev range in any gear. Running between 13-13.2AFR

TPS is set at .60 and .71, throttle bodies are balanced around 600… idle set spot on at 850rpm, standard spark plugs
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