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Hans0 tune for 2014+ Roadster, TORs, triple/Ramair filters, ect. 2018-06-01

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Tune provides all wanted upgrades to stock engine with TORs and open filters:
299 KM speed limit
7K RPM limit
850 idle RPM
fan on at 97C
secondary throttle 100% open
deceleration pop reduced

Note: Does not include speedometer adjustment (works well for Bridgestone 240/55 rear tire)
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Uploaded this tune to my 2016 Roadster after having fitted Ramair filter, a nameless cross over pipe (German made according to the seller, but quite poor quality) and TOR
pipes. After the 12 minutes tune, the bike fired up instantly giving a very deep rumble. Excellent noise!
Haven't had the time to take it for a test drive, but all sounds ok. I will update this review after a test spin.

[UPDATE]: Yes, it works very fine! Had the bike to the local tuner today; he was very happy with the tune and only made a minor adjustment. 150 bhp on the rear wheel, excellent!
TORS, Ramair and Dave Platt crossover pipe. Bike breathes far better . no popping and smoother power deliverty at low speed than standard
Loaded this tune today to my 2016 Roadster with Ramair, DP cross over, and DP mufflers. Definitely notice the difference but need to spend some more time in the saddle and maybe a trip to the dyno for some fine tune.
Started with this map to prep for dyno, tuner reported great starting baseline, a little tweaking for specific bike and dyno runs.