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20228 goodbase free flow Cat delete Ramair anti decel pop plus Extra5 2018-06-02

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The 20228 base map has been identified by HansO as the last update map for Rockets up to 2009.

The secondaries are all at 100%
The I tables are copied from I3 and therefore all same
Max RPM = 6800
Max speed = 299
Fan = 96 degrees

I need to thank Phar2slo for sending me this file which I have loaded into my 06 Classic.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

Latest reviews

loaded this map on to my 2008 classic dave platts twin silencers ramair 02 sensor removed.Runs great no decel and acceleration massive improvement specially top end.Sounds fantastic nice and deep low revs twist the throttle all mighty roar big smiles
2005 Bike runs like a dream
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