2013 R3T 2018-07-13

tune with single triple D racing pipe and ram air

  1. R3T1Sgt
    This tune is for my 2013 R3T with single Triple D Racing single pipe by Dain and RamAir. The original tune I loaded was the first tune Hanso sent to Joeshmoe in the fall of 2016 from the "Resources" section of this forum. J.D. of Hordpower stated this tune I chose was a very good tune and whoever wrote it knew what they were doing. It was running a little "rich" at high RPMs which he adjusted but not much. He ran around 6 Dyno runs and averaged approx. 136 H.P and 145 Ft lbs Torque. My R3T is running strong. Hordpower is a knowledgeable tuner that knows TuneEcu well. Mine was the first Rocket he has tuned. Well worth the trip to central Ohio to know all is correct.
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Recent Reviews

  1. House of Payne
    House of Payne
    Version: 2018-07-13
    Loaded this to my '14 R3T. It may need a tweek or two, but big improvement. Running Triple D pipe and K&N filter in stock airbox.
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