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  1. dirtbagbiker liked Mittzy's post in the thread Gawd (y)- who would buy that?.

    Some transplant pics - the new Brutus Made some brackets so I could install ABS. Les @ozrider gave me a hand pulling one of the bikes...

    3EDCECBC-0A8D-4369-8B50-A5CC72D99CE6.jpeg 317B263C-AF2E-484E-9783-6A09C429D45F.jpeg 78FCD883-EFB2-4633-9E9D-CDFA9820876A.jpeg CD5A0FA9-1015-4F00-9596-9726312D5404.jpeg 156FAA59-9CF4-4CF2-957A-539A6729DBA2.jpeg A47C971E-3842-41A9-AF24-93DE3F897559.jpeg Aug 18, 2019 at 10:45 AM
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