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  1. HxNutMike
    Yes, I saw in other threads that you are getting a new one. I like the new design for the most part, but I like to camp and I don't see much space to carry gear on the new Rocket. I might have...
  2. HxNutMike
    I installed a set of your bars last year and love them. How did you get your gauges to be where they are? Is it the little piece you sent that relocates the gauges or did you do something else?
  3. Tal
    @HxNutMike No, they are Thunderbike bars...similar tho. Yes i have rivco risers...just moved the cables around to 'this' side...nearer you. They work great. The backrest is a real plus...or was,...
  4. HxNutMike
    Tal, Looks like you have the Rivco risers with Chandlierman bars, is that right? If so, did the stock cable lengths work or did you have to get longer ones? One more thing--are you able to use...
  5. Joesmoe
    Well, that would appear to be the "Nada Tunnel" (not to be confused with the one in Kentucky) in Rt 11 just east of Staunton, VA in the Natural Bridge state park. There is another photo in...

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