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  • Joost Triumph R3 Touring.jpg
    You could approach Tsukayu and ask whether they may consider making a batwing for the non-Touring Rockets? Not sure what they'd say but worth a try...
  • Joost Triumph R3 Touring.jpg
    I have seen your bike. Nice bike ,you have a single headlight with passing lights. Maybe i can ask a local business what it cost to make them. I...
  • Joost Triumph R3 Touring.jpg
    I put some pictures of my bike up in the media section not long after I'd seen this. You'll see the difference with the shield that I mentioned.
  • Joost Triumph R3 Touring.jpg
    Thanks for the link . I can't find them either. I have to change headlight also for this batwing
  • Joost Triumph R3 Touring.jpg
    Doesn't look like it. Tsukayu Fairing, Hard Saddlebags and Touring Trunk

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