My Daughter Kate

My Daughter Kate

She is only 15 so be nice.
Much hope and promise, and while we can't tell much from photos aside from the flower of youth, she's lucky to have a dad smart enough to own a Rocket (and another Triumph apparently) and mother smart enough to recognize a man smart enough to own a Rocket.

FWIW, we insisted both our daughters obtain their driver's license on a motorcycle before driving a car.

We hope you are as proud of Kate as we are of our two.
Reminds me of my daughter and myself. Whilst she took the oath of Kawasaki she has embraced motorcycles for herself.... that and 2nd Dan Taekwondo along with G1 Krav Maga have given her so much more self confidence in life. Plus she found herself once in a situation where she was glad to have had the level of skills she has - put 3 little toe rags in hospital and as her dad I was very proud of her!
@Joesmoe Yes sir that is my 2005 Triumph America. I love the Rocket, but for those short trips this bike is a dream.

I am working on it right now turning it into a single seat. Installing a new air intake, CDI and re-jetting the carbs.

Honestly what I have in it and the joy I get out of it I just cannot part with it.

Plus what a great way to introduce my son and daughter into motorcycling.


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