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  1. Jack Ryan
  2. Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan
    I own guns and ride motorcycles.
  3. Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan
    Free men own guns. Slaves don't.
  4. RocketXUK
    Riding the UK, with a smile!
  5. Robert Irving
  6. GeordieBear
    GeordieBear Pig9r
    Hi Pig9r, I have just signed up to this forum although I have had my Rocket 111 for a couple of years now. I have been having some alarm issues and seen on a post thread that you may have an alarm manual that may be helpful. Could I possibly ask you if yo would be able to send this to me as I am desperately trying to get any help in how to remove this alarm. Many thanks, Dave...
  7. Mattspain
    Living the dream
  8. Smathersfish
    Smathersfish R3 Guy
    I will take the windshield, fixing kit, and flyscreen for $425 + shipping. Thanks. I will call you about payment.
    1. R3 Guy
      R3 Guy
      Paypal works for me
      Won’t be home till the weekend and will package and ship then.
      Sep 11, 2018
  9. Smathersfish
    Smathersfish R3 Guy
    If you accept my offer I will take it. You can call me at 828.400.9499. Thanks, Josh
    1. R3 Guy
      R3 Guy
      $425 + shipping. I’ll send this weekend. 407.405.7166 cell.
      Sep 11, 2018
  10. Smathersfish
    Smathersfish R3 Guy
    I just had to put 2 new tires on the bike. Any chance you will take $400 + shipping for all of it? Thanks, Josh
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