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  1. Mrbuickstage1
  2. Mrbuickstage1
    Mrbuickstage1 Rocket Scientist
    Installed a Dain delete cat back pipe
    Bike has not run great since remapping computer still header glows red fast and shutters down low ? Stuck in fla now oh well afraid if burning up piston
    Dealer said this is normal I disagree
  3. kev
  4. kcc11
    kcc11 R3Rx118
    How much for the dual seat shipped to 77429. Also did the sissy bar and rack make it? Just brought a 2012 Roadster.
  5. Frosty Rider
    Frosty Rider canecorso
    Good Morning, it is amazing what you can find on this site, word on the street is that you are an awesome seat guy, and I happen to have a couple of seats I need adjusted, the triumph seat, and my Harley seat, then maybe the Goldwing seat. If you are still in operation and looking to take in some more work, let me know. Thanks
  6. phar2slo
  7. laraza
    laraza jaydubyah
    Do you still have your Rocket?
  8. Mrbuickstage1
    Mrbuickstage1 Joesmoe
    Can you send me a map I have a 2007 r3 replaced pipes with cat delete Dain pipe and k/n filter under seat gipro with ATRE
  9. cabinover
    Always learning, still stupid.
  10. 40mmrrsmith
    40mmrrsmith teraeric
    Hello Eric, I hope you're well. The air hawk worked great. First time I've made it home on one stop. I want you to know I appreciate your generosity and am happy to show it by completing what we discussed. So just contact me when ever you like.