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  1. Tumwatertaz
    Riders with all black bikes are too lazy to polish their bikes. Bright colored w/chrome bikes help drivers see you so you don't get killed.
  2. speedydunne
  3. RichRIII
    Racetech shocks, fork springs and gold valves. TORs w/underseat K&N. GIPro.
    1. RichRIII
      Hanso tune
      Aug 22, 2017 at 11:33 AM
  4. RJ Kegley
    RJ Kegley tdragger
    Heya sir. Still got the Rivco tr3125 floorboards and relocation arms?
  5. Grumpy Ole Codger
    Grumpy Ole Codger HansO
    Hi HansO, I am a new to the forum and to the Rocket 111. The bike is second hand and came with the Zard exhaust system. I will be adding the Ramair air filter system and using Tune Ecu to check and remap the bike. It has been suggested that if I were to ask you nicely, XxxxxX (is that nice enough) you might be able to assist with a new map. My bike is a 2007 Rocket 111, VIN Number is SMTTLC10356260250
  6. Tony Casey
    Tony Casey HansO
    Hanso Thanks for talking to me today regarding the problems I've been having with my power commander. My setup is running one pipe, std pipe shortened opened up to 50mm dia internal pipe, ram air. My email address is Thanks for your help. Tony
  7. OldNorthState
    OldNorthState tomcat3b
    tomcat.... back in April you had a Mustang seat w/backrest for sale, which you apparently sold.... I'm looking at one, myself..... but I hear they're hard-to-nearly impossible to install. Did you ever install yours, or try? And if so, did you like/not like how it sat? PLEASE ASAP ME ON THIS, as i'll miss my deal if I'm not careful.... THANKS
  8. Pablouk
    Trike off road for a week whilst new exhaust system is being built.
  9. 1olbull
    1olbull Ogre
    Welcome back, Amigo!
    How's that crazy buddy of yours that was with at Montrose?
    1. Ogre
      Haven't heard from Charlie since Christmas. Hope he's still hanging in there.
      Aug 17, 2017 at 6:58 PM
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  10. Delaware rider
    Delaware rider OldNorthState
    What I meant to write was I put 1780 miles on that seat last week during our RAA