Any ideas for electrical related items/small mods you want?

Discussion in 'BearClaw Corner' started by Grumpy_Rocket, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Since I work 4days on 4 off, I have a lot of free time to do stuff. Starting in 6 days I am going to be tearing my new rocket apart to build up the motor. While I have the bike apart I will be doing some custom things. Which leads me to the question, do any of you have ideas for electrical and or other small item improvements? I would wire up my own relay kit for the headlights, but everyone seems happy with the kit that's out there now. The thought of spending a few hours soldering wires together is heaven for me.

    I am not looking to make much money, mostly just help some people out. Even more so since my job doesn't use any of my talents so I don't want to get rusty :). So post here and let me know.

    Edit: one thing I will be looking into is how the hell the factory fuel Guage is so inaccurate. My 2011 roadster says 0 miles to empty with no fuel bars showing, when I have a gallon of gas in the tank:eek: if I can fix this (atleast on the roadster) I will, and I will post my findings.

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